Albanian Film Association

The Albanian Film Association is co-organized by Borana Makri, Nora Marku, Hana Marku, and Sia Mehilli, four Albanian women born in Albania and Kosovo, now living in Toronto, who have a passion for Albanian film. Our main event, the Albanian Short Film Night happens every November. The AFA also hosts film-related events throughout the year. Our main goal is to showcase Albanian films and celebrate contemporary Albanian film makers. 

Albanian Short Film Night at the AGO,  2018

In 2019, we had our 3rd annual Albanian Short Film Night! Our audience is growing and so is our programming. This year, we are excited to bring you more events throughout the year. Our goals are to bring a mid-year screening in the summer to screen more Albanian short films throughout the year. We are also excited to be organizing a LGBTQ+ Albanian Film screening in the spring. We are also excited to bring our events to Tirana and Prishtina this year with film events being organized in Albania and in Kosovo in the summer of 2019!

On 05 May, 2019, we hosted our first feature-length film screening of Martesa - (The Marriage), a film by Blerta Zeqiri and we are hosting it at the Glad Day Bookshop. With this event, we’re aiming to provide a space for awareness and community building surrounding the Albanian LGBTQ+ community and to introduce Albanian film, art & culture to members of the LGBTQ+ community interested in foreign film and learning more about queerness in the Albanian context. You can get tickets to the event here!

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