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Borana Makri

Sit Down & Shut Up!

Sit Down & Shut Up! A comedy show with your friend Bo is a monthly comedy show at Comedy Bar hosted by me, Borana Makri, and featuring comedians doing long form 30 minute stand up sets! 

This show has been running for 4+ years and features some of the best as well as new talent doing long sets, and features Bo on the bill doing long sets regularly as well! Tickets here!

Babysitters Club: Not a Unicorn!


Babysitters Club is a new comedy show & social mixer for LGBTQ+ women and NB folks to laugh and flirt with a focus on BI VISIBILITY!

An inclusive space for queer, bi, gay, fluid women, non-binary folks and all folks of marginalized genders to enjoy a night of laughing and flirting together in a safe and focused space. Tickets

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